Stylish, Durable & Cost-Effective Work Lockers

Ensure there’s room for everything in your business. OzLoka® offers an extensive selection of workplace lockers that are well-suited to storing everything from employee sports gear to specialised equipment. Found in offices and commercial premises across the country, they’re the durable and secure solution your organisation needs.

At OzLoka®, we understand that your organisation’s needs are as unique as your business. That’s why we offer a full range of highly customisable work lockers for sale, allowing each client to tailor their storage solution to their precise needs. Choose your own footprint size, number of doors, and number of shelves, select from 25 colours and add additional options such as locks, nameplates and clothes rails, ensuring that whether you’re buying for the office lunch room or gym locker rooms, our lockers are the ideal storage solution for you. Take a look at our locker builder and build something to suit your specific needs.

Industrial Grade Heavy Duty Plastic Work Lockers

Streamline your office operations by installing carefully designed heavy-duty work lockers in your office. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of workplace lockers in Australia, OZ LOKA® provides comprehensive storage solutions for workplaces across the country.

Our work lockers are engineered using advanced technology, making them highly durable for various workplace storage needs. Whether you need a secure work locker for storing important documents or a spacious locker for keeping tools and other essentials handy, our lockers efficiently meet your office storage requirements.

Our work lockers for sale are aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective. Whether you need to create a locker room in your office or smartly accommodate lockers on the office floor, we provide different types of lockers to meet your needs. The work lockers are available in various sizes and can be customised according to your requirements.

Affordable and Durable Custom HDPE Workplace Lockers

The work lockers are made with rotationally moulded technology using high-density polyethylene. They are resistant to heavy impacts and harsh sunlight. The excellent longevity and ease of use have made our workspace lockers increasingly popular across various industries. Here are some of the key features of our workplace lockers:

  • Resistant to bacteria, salt, air, mould and mildew
  • UV-resistant
  • Impact and dent-resistant
  • The plastic lockers will never rust, corrode or delaminate
  • Never needs painting and will maintain optimum functionality for a long time
  • The lockers are Impermeable to moisture
  • You can clean the lockers with a power wash and steam cleaning

OZ LOKA® offers a wide range of employee lockers that fit your budget. Our lockers are available in different sizes and colour options, as well as six different body sizes. You can select the locker height according to your requirements. Whether you need a locker with a 670 mm height and 3-hinge or 1930 mm and 9-hinge, we have you covered. The lockers are available with single and multi-door options and 25 colour options.

Our employee lockers for sale can easily accommodate the following additional accessories:

  • Rail hook
  • Sloping top
  • Extra shelves
  • Kicker base
  • Clothes hook
  • USB charging port, and more

You can choose the locking mechanism for lockers depending on your security needs. Our lockers can conveniently accommodate padlocks, RFID locks, coin locks, digital locks, and combination locks.

Why Should You Invest in OZ LOKA® Work Lockers

With personal storage lockers, you can keep important documents, files, and other valuables safe in your office. Employees can work with complete peace of mind and be sure of the safety of their belongings.

Stylish plastic lockers can add a pleasant aesthetic element to your workspace. Our new workspace lockers are available in various colours to fit your workplace decor.

Storage cabinets help create an efficient and more productive work environment. When everything is well-organised, employees can easily find what they need and when they need it, whether it’s an important file or office stationery.

These plastic lockers are also water and vandal-resistant. HDPE work lockers last for years, making them an excellent business investment. They maintain optimum functionality without the need for heavy maintenance.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Plastic Work Lockers

These HDPE work lockers are easy to clean and maintain. They resist damage from corrosion, dirt, paint, dents, and heavy impacts. You can use mild soap and detergent to clean the lockers and rinse them with clean water. They maintain their original appearance for years. For optimum longevity, keep the plastic work lockers away from intense heat sources.

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Why OzLoka®?

Customise Our Commercial Lockers To Meet Your Requirements

Built from durable rotationally-moulded plastic, all OzLoka® products are resistant to water and UV damage, as well as scratches and impact, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Cleaning your lockers is as simple as wiping down with water and a mild detergent, and unlike metal and timber lockers, graffiti is removed easily with an alcohol-based solution. From smaller lockers for employee’s personal effects to more spacious units ideal for storing cleaning equipment and supplies, OzLoka® provides a comprehensive selection of tailored storage solutions for businesses across a range of industries. Businesses can incentivise their employees to stay healthy, equipping their end of trip facilities and locker rooms with hygienic, spacious lockers with room for all of their personal effects. With optional USB ports, you can offer your employees their own cell phone charging lockers, helping them not only stay focused during business hours but keep their devices charged for lunch and the trip home.

Premium Lockers For Every Australian Business

Start a conversation with the team at OzLoka® today to find out how we could transform the way your business does storage. Call us on 1300 847 901 or send us an email at with any questions and we’ll be happy to assist you. Alternatively, use our locker builder and get a comprehensive quote sooner.