Customised Range of Plastic Lockers on the Gold Coast 

Lockers are a great way to store school equipment, office supplies and more. If you’re looking for HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic lockers on the Gold Coast, look no further than OzLoka®. We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of customisable plastic lockers, so our storage solutions can be designed to fit your unique needs perfectly.

Our lockers are great not only for keeping premises organised, but they also provide secure options for storing valuables in any commercial setting.

These lockers are tailored to fit your unique storage requirements and are also lightweight and durable. This makes them suitable for all kinds of workspaces, including schools, offices, colleges, gyms and universities.

With over two decades of experience, we understand that durability is a significant factor when considering new lockers. With this in mind, we apply advanced engineering to build lockers that last for years, and we also offer extended warranties on our range of products. In addition, our lockers are UV stabilised, corrosion-resistant and available in 25 different colours. Unmatched durability, along with user convenience, makes them the perfect fit for all commercial settings.

Wide Range of Australian-Made Plastic Lockers on the Gold Coast

Our Australian-made lockers are made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic. They’re resistant to the damaging impact of corrosive chemicals, saltwater and humidity, and are UV stabilised, which ensures that they will not corrode or fade over time. They offer unparalleled durability with excellent functionality, so you can access your belongings more conveniently than ever before.

Customised Plastic Lockers in Gold Coast: Tailored Storage Solutions

Discover the versatility and practicality of our custom plastic lockers in Gold Coast, meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of educational, commercial, and industrial facilities.

Optimising Space Utilisation with Custom Lockers on the Gold Coast

One of the many benefits of choosing our custom lockers is the ability to tailor designs to fit available spaces precisely. This results in maximum storage capacity, a key consideration for facilities with limited space, including schools, gyms, workplaces, and other commercial and industrial facilities. Our custom plastic lockers facilitate efficient space utilisation and help you create a functional and stylish locker room.

Personalised Configurations for Diverse Storage Needs

Our custom plastic lockers offer endless possibilities for personalised configurations, including variable sizes, compartments, and shelving options. Whether you require lockers for sports equipment, personal belongings, or specialised gear, customisation ensures each locker optimally fulfils its intended purpose.

OzLoka® Custom Plastic Lockers on the Gold Coast: Durable and Versatile

Our HDPE lockers are corrosion-resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. With OzLoka®, customisation extends to colour choices and finishes, allowing your lockers to seamlessly blend with surroundings or serve as a branding opportunity.

Creating an Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional Locker Room in Three Easy Steps

Size Selection:

Choose from our range of six distinct body sizes to accommodate your precise storage needs. Whether you require a large locker for tools and sports equipment, a space-efficient option for mobile devices and accessories, or a medium-sized locker, our comprehensive size selection caters to your specific requirements.

Height Variety:

Explore the extensive range of heights in our OzLoka® locker lineup, spanning from 250mm to 1930mm. This broad range of height options ensures that we can provide lockers to meet any of your storage needs, no matter how unique or specialised they may be.

Door Configuration and Color Customisation:

Create your ideal locker room by selecting door configurations tailored to your requirements, including single-tier, double-tier, or multiple-door options. You can also enhance the aesthetics of your locker area by choosing from our palette of twenty-five striking colour options. This high level of customisation enables you to craft a locker room that meets both your facility’s design and functionality goals.

Enhancing Locker Functionality and Security: Locker Accessories and Lock Options

Locker Accessories:

Elevate your locker functionality and convenience with our thoughtfully designed locker accessories, offering versatile and user-friendly storage solutions. Whether you are optimising a school locker for books and stationery or a fitness centre locker for gym gear, our lockers can accommodate additional accessories to meet your unique storage needs.

Dividers, hooks, and compartments allow for designated spaces within the lockers, reducing clutter and ensuring convenient access to stored items. With a range of sizes and configurations to choose from, locker interiors can be customised to meet individual requirements, making this feature invaluable for educational institutions and workplaces with diverse storage needs.

Our lockers are compatible with various additional accessories, including rail hooks, clothes hooks, sloping hoods or tops, extra shelves, kicker bases, USB charging ports, and more.

Locker Security:

While the sturdy construction of our lockers naturally secure personal items, you can choose from various locking systems to enhance security according to your specific needs. Our lockers are compatible with standard padlocks, L-handle, RFID, and digital combination locks. These security-focused accessories are invaluable in environments where locker contents may contain valuable or sensitive items, such as fitness clubs or corporate offices.

Our Range Of Lockers Are Perfect For The Following Organisations:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Defence Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Gyms
  • Sports Clubs
  • Fitness Centers
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Healthcare Industry

If you’re looking to upgrade your locker room, OzLoka® has the perfect solutions. Customisable and stackable, our range of lockers are resistant to damage from vandalism and ideal for keeping belongings safe. Additionally, the rotational moulding technique is applied to create lockers with maximum durability without taking up too much floor space.

Would you like to know more about our products? Drop us an email, and our experts will get back to you. Call us at 1300 847 901 for more information.

Why Choose Ozloka?


Proven strength and durability. One piece constructed body, allowing them to withstand heavy knocks or impact.

Safe & Secure

Safe storage of personal items is assured, simply add a padlock.

Recyclable Materials

Eco friendly lockers can be recycled to create other FSP plastic products.

Custom Colours

Wide range of colours available to personalise your lockers.

Simple Setup

Light weight, fully assembled and easy to install.


Freely stack and sort your lockers to suit your needs.


How are plastic lockers different from metal or laminate?

Compared to metal or laminate lockers, OzLoka® lockers plastic lockers won’t rust or dent, and they are UV stabilised, lightweight and water-resistant.

Do the lockers come fully assembled?

OzLoka® lockers arrived fully assembled and ready for installation. No flatpacks or assembly are required.

Do the lockers need to be installed inside or uncovered?

OzLoka® lockers can be installed either inside or outside (preferably undercover). They are UV stable, water-resistant and heavy-duty. Built to last in all areas.

Are your lockers made of recycled polyethylene or can they be recycled?

We recycle all of the polyethylene scrap and offcuts we produce in our factory into the shelves, bases and dividers. There is simply not enough recycled polyethylene for our locker manufacturing so we do purchase some Virgin Polyethylene (P.E). All of our lockers are 100% recyclable, in fact in the unlikely event that many years in the future you do not require the lockers we will be happy to 100% recycle them into new lockers.

Can I get a locker body in a different colour to grey?

Yes, you can. You can have any colour body from our standard and premium colours. Link to our colour chart. Checkout the locker builder process.

How are the lockers installed?

OzLoka® supplies plastic batons and components to attach the locker together in the configuration that is required. However, the components to secure the lockers to a wall need to be supplied by the installer.

Refer to our installation guide –

Do I need spare parts?

OzLoka® lockers are very robust. Whilst most other lockers require maintenance and spare You can wash out the lockers at the end of the year and clean with soapy water.

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