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The Oz Loka® system is based on a simple modular system that allows you incredible flexibility. Choose your locker body
– then your locker height – finally how many doors. Create your own unique locker installation in three simple steps:

Why Choose Ozloka?


Proven strength and durability. One piece constructed body. With stands heavy knocks or impact.

Safe & Secure

Safe storage of personal items assured, simply add a padlock.

Recyclable Materials

Eco friendly lockers can be recycled to create other FSP plastic products.

Custom Colours

Wide range of colours available to personalise your lockers.

Simple Setup

Light weight, fully assembled and easy to set up.


Freely stack and sort your lockers to suit your needs.

Phone lockers

Ideal Solution

Phone Lockers are a wonderful storage product for storing valuables in a workplace or school.

Salt air & sun

Resistant to salt air and UV sun damage.

Phone Ban

Lock away phones during class or work hours.

Buy School Lockers Australia

Brighten Up Your School Yard

Coloured Lockers & Doors

Storing Sports Gear And Specialised Equipment.

Minimal Maintenance

Make summer maintenance of lockers a simple task.

Built To Last

Purchase lockers that will last for years.

Tidy Up Staff Rooms

Coloured Lockers & Doors

Suites Storing Sports Gear And Specialised Equipment.

Neat Appearance

Select From Our 25 Colours To Fit Your Workplace Decor.

Uv Resistant

Resistant To Water And Uv Sun Damage.


Locker Accessories

Personalise and customise your locker with a variety of accessories:
  • Padlocks
  • Digital Locks
  • RFID Locks
  • Combination Locks
  • Coin Locks
  • Name Plates
  • Sloping Tops
  • Kicker Base
  • Shelves
  • Clothes Rail
  • Clothes Hook
  • USB Charging*

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Build your lockers...your way.