Safe And Durable Law Enforcement Lockers In Australia

Storage requirements of law enforcement agencies and emergency services are unique.

These personnel work in extremely stressful situations, potentially life threatening ones. Therefore, it’s essential for them to have quick and easy access to the gear and equipment. Moreover, when not in use, these gears need to be placed securely to prevent any possible loss, damage, theft or misuse.

If you are looking for secure, durable and heavy duty lockers for emergency services, OzLoka® has got the right solution for you!

Why OzLoka®?

Perfect Storage Solutions For Emergency Personnel

OzLoka® is one of the reputed and topmost manufacturers and distributors of high density polyethylene lockers. With over two decades of experience, we understand the unique storage challenges and design our solutions. Our expert team uses advanced engineering to build durable, rust, corrosion and dent resistant lockers. Whether you want to store personal belongings or keep the evidence record safe, our patented padlock loop system lockers offer safe and secure solutions. Build to last longer, our range of lockers are tamper proof and cannot be jimmied open. They offer a secure place to store crucial evidence, and records. Apart from durability, OzLoka® lockers are low maintenance. The high density polyethylene surface enables the janitors to easily hose out the dirt and dust on the surface. Strong and UV stable, our lockers offer an ideal solution for police stations, firefighting units and other emergency services.

Customised Lockers For Distinct Needs

Unlike other services, the emergency professionals have a unique set of storage challenges and demands. The storage unit should offer uninterrupted access to the stored items for quick response.

We design lockers with customised shelves in a specified size to address your unique challenges and requirements.

Whether it’s for keeping uniforms, or important evidence, our lockers offer the ultimate security with our patented padlock loop system to keep the items secure.

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