Safe And Durable School Lockers In Australia

Most of a student’s time is spent in class, studying and engaging in various learning activities. A convenient school locker with ample storage can reduce the need for students to carry extra belongings throughout the day. Pupils can be safe in the knowledge that their school work or personal possessions like books or other electronic gadgets are secure.

When you have school lockers on the premises, the student’s school life is more fun and comfortable. Well-designed school lockers create a better learning environment and motivate students to engage in extracurricular and academic activities. However, traditional wood, metal or laminate lockers are no longer the ideal solution for schools.

Weather resistant HDPE plastic lockers with no sharp edges or corners are the preferred option for lockers in schools today. If you are looking for an affordable yet sturdy range of school lockers with minimum upkeep in Australia, inquire about our OzLoka® range.

Robust, Waterproof School Lockers in Australia

With extensive experience of over 20 years, OzLoka® Australia has gained a reputation for delivering supreme quality, high-density, polyethylene plastic lockers. Available in different sizes and 25 vivid colours, our school lockers are resistant to damage from knocks and bumps.

Additionally, our lockers are:

  • UV-stable
  • Lightweight
  • Dent-resistant
  • Tamper-proof
  • Available in Antifade colours
  • Low maintenance
  • Weather-resistant
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Easy to move and install

Built with modular plastic material, OzLoka®’s school lockers are perfect for wet areas, coastal locations and the outdoors. Plus, they are backed by a 15-year warranty, and with extra provisions like a rail hook, clothes hook, and other optional accessories, these lockers can help students stay organised whatever their activities. Some other accessories included in our lockers are:

  • Pad Lock
  • Master Keys
  • Number Plaques
  • USB Charging Ports
  • Sloping Hood/Top

These robust school lockers are vandal-resistant, scratches are less visible, and graffiti from pencils, pens, and markers is easily removable with wipe-away cleaners. There is also a provision for additional shelves to divide the locker internally to help organise books, laptops and other electronic products. Students can learn to be responsible for their possessions, a valuable lesson for life.

Whether it’s a musical instrument, sports kit, or extra pair of shoes, having a wide storage space with our F-Series lockers can give students peace of mind while participating in various activities. Moreover, students can quickly put their oversized textbooks, laptops, and other accessories in school lockers, thereby alleviating the back and neck problems caused by carrying such heavy loads in backpacks.

The upkeep of our OzLoka® lockers is minimal, you just need a hose and a cleaning solvent to clean them, thereby reducing the time, effort and money spent on maintenance. Arriving to our customers fully assembled, our lockers endure multiple bumps, scuffs and blows without developing any dents or cracks.

These OzLoka® lockers are ideal solutions for installation in schools.

Some of our small storage school lockers with multiple benefits are:

  • Phone cubby lockers allow multiple phone storage facilities. This unique product can hold up to 6 mobile phones.
  • Phone lock-up kits for schools can store up to 96 student cell phones for the day.
  • Pigeon hole lockers can be divided into multiple sections and are ideal for keeping bags outside a classroom.

The stepped storage phone cubby lockers have 24 slots for easy identification when handing back the students’ cell phones. You can conveniently secure your students’ phones as a teacher, removing the worries of theft or students’ accessing their device during classroom sessions.

Portable, Customised School Lockers to Fit Your Needs

Quieter than metal or timber lockers, OzLoka® school lockers are made from 100% recycled plastic material, offering optimum functionality for a long time. Some of our lockers are also available in units that can be stacked upon each other or customised to fit into small spaces.

As a renowned HDPE plastic locker supplier, our dedicated team can provide you with a customised solution that suits your organisation’s unique needs. These rotationally moulded lockers come in have door variations from 1-9, allowing you to decide on the lockers as per your storage space.

The OzLoka® system is based on a simple modular system that provides incredible flexibility. You can check our range and select one that most suits your organisation’s interior.

You can also choose from our different colour doors and size combinations with a height ranging from 250mm to 1930mm. Select your locker body from our A-F locker series, determine the height, and choose how many doors are required. Not all bodies are available in 9 different heights, but hundreds of door configurations are available.

Visit the OzLoka® Custom Locker Builder:  to find a locker that meets your needs or ask our experts to create a tailored functional locker solution for your specific requirements.

If you are looking for a spacious yet quality range of colourful school lockers to create a vibrant educational atmosphere, contact OzLoka® Australia.

Why OzLoka®?

High School Lockers For Sale

Our range of lockers are ideal for installation in high schools and educational facilities due to an array of beneficial factors. The high durability of the OzLoka® school lockers ensures that even the most destructive or overly-enthusiastic students will not be able to taint the structure and visual appeal of their storage space; thus, the clean appearance of your lockers will be much easier to sustain. The polyethylene material is vandal resistant in that scratches are less visible and graffiti from pencils, pens and markers is easily removable with wipe-away cleaners. Our products are more sustainable, which will significantly improve your carbon footprint in the long term, as compared to traditional metal or steel lockers. The upkeep of our OzLoka® alternatives is minimal, reducing the time, effort and money spent on maintenance.

Phone Lock-Up Kits For Schools

Conveniently secure your classrooms phones, removing the worries of theft or access by students. Collect and store up to 96 student cell phones for the day.

The Phone lock-up solution comes assembled and is ready for use. We include 1 phone cubbies and a combination lock with a master key.

OzLoka®: Representing Schools Across Australia

Revolutionise student storage at your school with our unique range of polyethylene school lockers. Give us a call on 1300 847 901 or shoot us an email at for more details on your best school storage options. Alternatively, you may like to check out our online locker builder to request a fast, efficient quote for your specific needs.

New Ban On Mobile Phones

Many states in Australia are looking at the banning phone in the classroom. We have a phone lockup system for you to solve the issues of securely locking up students mobile phones for the day. With other pouch magnet systems easy to get around “Read more here”, at OzLoka® we believe we have two 2 phone lock box solutions. Our phone cubby is best for storing multiple phones in a locker. We sell the phone cubbies to accommodate 24 or 36 phones securely away in our lockers. Up one level is our F -Series Cell Phone Lockers for storing of individual phones for your students.

Staff And Student Pigeon Holes Cabinets

At OzLoka®, we pride ourselves on our wide range and the versatile options we make available to our clients. Creating colourful school lockers that are diverse and can be used for multiple purposes across a number of different spaces, we have solutions for students and staff alike. In addition, our lockers can be customised to fit smaller spaces and are ideal for teachers’ personal storage.

Phone Ban Multi Storage Option

With the mobile phone bans in classrooms across Australia the F series locker is one option, the other is our Phone lock box solution. With our Phone Cubby inside our A, B or C series lockers you can be assures you are locking away your student smart phones securely The stepped storage Phone Cubby has 24 slots for easy identification when handing back your students cell phones.