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Custom Small Lockers For Schools, Colleges, And Offices Across Australia:

OzLoka® small lockers provide the most convenient storage solutions for organisations across Australia where space maximisation is critical. The small-size lockers are available in various configurations, from small body and square base to wall mounting, with different widths and depths. Whether you need mini lockers to keep mobile phones and other valuables safe or you need compact but spacious enough lockers to store clothes, books, documents, and laptops, our custom lockers are able to meet your storage needs in the best possible way.

Small Lockers With Excellent Durability And Longevity:

The small lockers are built to last without requiring any specific maintenance. They are made from high-density polyethylene using advanced rotationally moulded techniques. Our lockers are UV-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, they are resistant to heavy impacts, dents, and corrosive elements. Educational, commercial, and industrial facilities prefer OzLoka® plastic lockers over steel and wood lockers.

Wall Mounted Small Lockers For Mobile Phones:

Our wall-mounted mobile phone lockers are excellent for creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing locker in a limited space. The lockers are available in a wide colour range and with a variety of other configurations. The mini lockers also have an option for installing USB charging ports.

Your Trusted Small Locker Supplier In Australia:

Whether you are looking for small lockers for offices or educational facilities, our mini lockers are designed to improve the operational efficiency of organisations with quality storage solutions. As a leading small locker supplier, we ensure superior quality storage solutions at competitive prices.

For more details on OzLoka® mini lockers, please call 1300 847 901.