Colourful Range Of Durable Pre-School Lockers

A locker is more than just a simple storage solution for a preschool. Lockers not only keep the areas clean and tidy but also create a welcoming environment for early childhood education.

There are several reasons why a preschool might be better off with OzLoka® plastic lockers rather than metal lockers.

OzLoka® Plastic Lockers are Durable

OzLoka® plastic lockers are known for their durability, which makes them a great option for a preschool. Young children can be quite rough on their belongings, and plastic lockers are able to withstand the wear and tear that comes with daily use.

Easy to Clean and Sanitise

Another advantage of OzLoka® plastic lockers is that they are easy to clean and sanitise. This is particularly important in a preschool setting, where young children are still developing their immune systems and can be more susceptible to germs and illnesses.

A Safe Option For Small Children

OzLoka® plastic lockers are also a safe option for preschools, as they are lightweight and do not pose the same hazards as heavier metal lockers. In the event of an earthquake or other emergency, plastic lockers are less likely to cause injury.

Highly Cost-Effective

OzLoka® plastic lockers are typically less expensive than metal lockers, which can be an important consideration for pre-schools with limited budgets.

Customisable To Suit Your Decor and Needs

OzLoka® plastic lockers come in a variety of sizes and colours, which makes it easy for pre-schools to choose lockers that are the right fit for their space and that appeal to young children.

Easy To Assemble

OzLoka® plastic lockers are generally easy to assemble, which can be a benefit for pre-schools that do not have dedicated maintenance staff.


Our plastic lockers are weather-resistant, which can be a benefit for pre-schools that have outdoor areas where lockers may be exposed to the elements.

There are several compelling reasons why your preschool might choose to use OzLoka® plastic lockers. Their durability, hygiene, safety, cost-effectiveness, customisability, easy assembly, and weather resistance all make them a strong option for pre-schools looking for a reliable and practical storage solution.

If you are looking for a sturdy, colourful and multipurpose range of lockers, drop an email to the experts at OzLoka®.

OzLoka® has extensive experience of over 28 years and has gained a reputation for delivering supreme quality, high-density, polyethylene plastic lockers. Understanding the specific requirements of the pre-school environment, we manufacture lockers that are spacious and have no sharp edges or corners.

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