Heavy-Duty Custom-Made Lockers To Meet Your Requirements

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium quality polyethylene plastic lockers for schools, workplaces, sports clubs and the food industry, OzLoka® offer durable and maintenance-free lockers in various sizes and storage configurations. A perfect option to replace your old-fashioned wood or steel lockers, our customised plastic lockers can be built to meet your specific needs for functionality, dimensions and appearance.

Durable, UV-Stable Custom Lockers With Multiple Door Configuration

With a height ranging from 250mm to 1930mm, the team at OzLoka® can create a custom solution to fit your unique needs. Available in 25 different colours, our locker collection ranges from A-series to F-series and can be tailored for a range of institutions. Our locker experts can guide you in choosing the appropriate solution for your requirements. Accessories include:

  • Rail Hook
  • Clothes Hook
  • Sloping Hood/Top
  • Padlock & Master Keys
  • Kicker Base
  • Number Plaques
  • Additionals Shelves
  • USB Charger Port

In addition, our customisable lockers, made with 100% virgin plastic, are durable and require minimal upkeep. They have a standard locking system to store items securely. This OzLoka® system is based on a simple modular system that allows you incredible flexibility and makes it easy to install. A few additional features are:

  • Silent doors
  • Water-resistant
  • Anti-fade colours
  • Lightweight & stackable

How Are OzLoka® Custom Lockers Unique?

We have been a  leading manufacturer of custom lockers for decades. Our customised lockers are weather resistant and can easily be cleaned with a simple wash. Quieter than metal or timber lockers, our OzLoka® system also comes with a high-grade stainless steel hinge, perfect for wet areas, coastal locations and the outdoors.

If you are looking for a customised yet affordable range of lockers for your institution, contact our OzLoka® representative and get a quote.