Do You Know Traditional Lockers Made From Metal Or Wood Aren’t As Long-Lasting As They Seem?

Over the years, the metal or wood lockers become vulnerable to the wear and tear, developing rust, corrosion and dents. Replace these lockers with a modern, customisable, attractive, durable and recyclable alternative.

OzLoka® Australia is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium quality polyethylene plastic lockers for schools, workplaces, sports clubs and the food industry. Enquire at or call 1300 847 901.

At OzLoka®, we apply our years of experience and expertise to build high-quality, ergonomic and modular plastic lockers. Made from high density polyethylene plastic, our lockers offer safe and secure personal storage space within your premises. Super durable and maintenance free, our lockers are perfect for all types of organisations. Whether it’s a huge corporate office, university or a fitness center, our lockers offer a safe place to store your staff/employees/members belongings.

Our dent-resistant and tamper secure lockers not only deters incidences of theft but also make your establishment more organised. Moreover, these lockers are tailored to offer world class solutions to securely store sport equipment, tools, safety gear, and classified records and more.

These UV stable lockers are corrosion, salt, air and humidity resistant and arrive fully assembled. They are easy to clean; all you need is a hose for washdown and cleaning solvent to remove the graffiti and stickers. Furthermore, with a focus on reducing our carbon footprint, we use 100% virgin plastic to build customisable lockers in a variety of sizes, colours and locking systems.

In addition to this, our experts help you find the right sizes and configuration to ensure you avoid choosing the wrong locker. Enquire at or call 1300 847 901 to get a locker that meets your requirements.