Lockers are an essential part of schools, workplaces, factories, industries, clubs and gymnasiums. They provide a secure place to store personal belongings for students, club members, employees and in some cases, customers. However choosing the right locker may require research and professional guidance. OzLoka® is here to help.

Have you thought about the size of lockers you need? 

We will guide you through our customisation process to help you better understand how our lockers can meet your unique requirements.

We offer 25 different colours, five different body types and nine height variations for our high-quality HDPE lockers. Our lockers are perfect for a large variety of spaces and floor plans, with colours and designs that will match different types of themes.

OzLoka® is the leading locker manufacturer in Australia, and is also trusted worldwide. Our lockers provide many advantages when installed in any setting.

HDPE Lockers

Are OzLoka®’s lockers worth the investment?

  • Heavy-Duty Investment

OzLoka®’s lockers are made from High-Density Polyethylene that gives them unmatched strength and durability. They are formed as a one-piece rotationally-moulded body that can easily withstand knocks and impacts. They are perfect for use in high footfall areas like schools and gyms. Additionally, our locker’s anti-graffiti material makes them a long-term investment that can be easily maintained over the long term..

How long do our lockers keep their new-like look?

OzLoka®’s lockers are highly resistant to dents and scratches that may otherwise impact traditional lockers. When our HDPE lockers are scratched, the colour remains the same. When traditional lockers are scratched it exposes their internal material which is prone to corrosion and further damage. OzLoka® lockers will stay new looking for many years.

  • Use Of Recyclable Materials

We make our lockers using 100% recyclable materials. Using recyclable material reduces waste going to landfill, conserves natural resources such as water and minerals, saves energy and helps protect the environment. Being highly durable, these lockers also need replacing less often and so contribute to less wastage. OzLoka® lockers can help support your school or company’s sustainability goals.

  • Enhanced Safety and Security

The locker’s durability, along with our factory-installed state of the art locker loop systems, makes OzLoka®’s lockers highly safe and secure. The doors are secured with a padlock of your choice through the locker loop or with a range of special locks by OzLoka®. Such features guarantee the safety of stored items.

Could someone break into the lockers?

If someone were to attempt forcefully opening a locker with a crowbar or similar tool, it would result in the whole locker bending with the force and not opening. The contents inside would remain safe and inaccessible.

  • High Resistance to Weather

Are these lockers suitable for outdoors?

Our lockers are resistant to corrosion and UV radiation, making them suitable for use in every weather condition. They can be easily installed near beaches and in any other outdoor area. These features also make our lockers extremely low-maintenance and long-lasting.

  • Customisable Lockers

Every part of OzLoka®’s heavy-duty lockers is customisable. You can pick and choose from 25 unique colours. Additionally, they can be made in various sizes to fit into whatever type of space you have allocated for lockers in your facility. You can also add extra features according to your needs.

What are the possible accessories that you can get installed?

You can customise Phone lockers with charging ports inside them. We also supply phone cubbies that hold multiple phones. Additionally, closet style tall lockers can be installed with hanging rails and hooks for clothes and backpacks.

  • Health and Hygiene

Hygiene is a daily requirement and is a significant factor in all establishments. OzLoka®’s lockers are easy to clean. Due to their corrosion resistant nature, our lockers are easy to sanitise using any disinfectants. This makes them hygienic to use and easy to maintain. Our lockers are safe for use by medical personnel, workers in hazardous industries, and other industries with strict hygiene standards.

Furthermore, our clients always appreciate the soft corners and soft closing of the locker doors that prevent injury, especially in schools and health clubs. Sharp corners are a significant risk with traditional lockers and their metal doors are loud when being opened and closed..

Finally, our lockers are ergonomic and stackable, and look good when placed in any setting.. They make all commercial spaces look neat and clutter-free.

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