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Long rows of steel lockers may be the classic look for schools and gyms around the world, but there are alternatives for sale that deliver the same benefits of metal units with some additional features. While they may be cheap, it’s hard to deny that metal lockers have some definite downsides.

At OzLoka®, we’ve been producing lockers in high-density polyethylene for more than 20 years. In that time, we’ve convinced many devotees of steel lockers to switch to OzLoka®, and the results never fail to impress. If you’ve exclusively bought metal lockers for your gym, school, sports centre or workplace, allow us to show you how a polyethylene locker can enhance the value and functionality of your business or organisation. Read on to find out more.

Delivering The Features You Need

OzLoka® uses a rotational moulding process to produce all of our lockers. This results in units with a high degree of consistency.

Polyethylene is a more durable material for lockers in locations where there is potential for exposure to high impact or rough treatment, such as a work site or a school. Their comparatively quiet operation –reducing the reverberating metal slam – and their ease of maintenance means that they are much more appropriate for quiet environments. Our OzLoka® can be easily cleaned with a citrus based cleaner.

Choosing high quality polyethylene means that each component is highly durable against impact, meaning that your lockers will survive year after year of punishment by clients, students or personnel. Not only that but, where scratches do occur, they won’t be highly visible.

Our moulding process means that your choice of colour penetrates all the way through the polyethylene, making damage only noticeable on close inspection. Contrast this with any painted or enamelled steel locker that has seen even a few years of wear and tear and you will notice the stark difference.

The Smart Choice Every Time

If you’re looking for a practical alternative to steel lockers, look no further than the range for sale at OzLoka®. Discover why organisations around the country and across the globe have made the shift to durable polyethylene lockers and request a personalised quote from our staff today by calling 1300 847 901 or emailing us at sales@fspozproducts.com.au.