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A locker is a small closet or cabinet with a lock where you can keep your personal valuables. It is a designated space to store your daily possessions safely and securely.

Lockers are commonly found in workplaces, kindergartens, middle and high schools, transport hubs, sports clubs and the like. Here is a guide to help you understand the importance of a locker.

Types and Purpose of Lockers

With an increasing number of students using mobile phones, tablets or even laptops, lockers have become more critical than ever in schools. Wardrobe lockers in labs and hospitals ensure that all employees have better storage space to place their lab coats and work essentials, while office locker rooms can help keep staff’s electronic gadgets and other possessions organised.

Given such a wide range of advantages, the size and construction of the lockers can vary depending on their purpose and security requirements. Lockers were initially made of wood, steel and metal. But with advanced technology, today’s lockers are often manufactured out of plastic materials. Let’s see how these plastic lockers differ from other types.

  • Metal Lockers

Metal or steel lockers can be painted to match the interior design of the room they are in and have been widely popular in schools, universities, and workplaces for years. Even though sturdy, these lockers can dent and are not resistant to scratches or rust, leading to the need for their replacement. This can be expensive.

  • Wood Lockers

Traditional wood lockers have been a perfect storage option for years. However, you should refrain from installing them since they are neither durable nor functional. Wooden lockers are prone to becoming chipped and can be easily damaged by water and humidity.

  • Laminate Lockers

Much more sturdy than metal or wood, laminate lockers are resistant to rust and dents. They do however experience wear and tear over time, and repairing them is expensive.

  • Plastic Lockers

When it comes to finding the perfect materials for lockers, HDPE plastic lockers are the ones to pick. They are advanced lockers with minimal upkeep and provide multiple advantages. Resistant to dents, scratches, heavy impact, graffiti and corrosion, these plastic lockers last for years and need minimal maintenance.

As a leading heavy-duty plastics lockers manufacturer, OzLoka® Australia offers durable lockers that maintain optimum functionality for a long time.

Our well-designed personal lockers can be advantageous in several ways in addition to storing essential items safely. Some further advantages of HDPE lockers are listed below.

How Are OzLoka®’s Personal Lockers Beneficial?

  • Security

It is crucial that your possessions and important belongings are stored safely. Personal lockers accompanied with keys provide a convenient solution to security concerns because only you can access your items.

  • Clutter-free Work Environment

Lockers with multiple shelves allow you to store your coats, bags, personal electronic gadgets or any other belongings in an organised way. You may be surprised to discover how efficiently you can increase productivity and keep your workspace clutter-free with a well organised locker.

  • Sense of Belonging

Having a separate place to store personal items in the workspace is increasingly important as it offers an element of control. When an employee can relax knowing that their assets are safe and secure, it gives them a feeling that they are a part of the work community.

  • Space Saving

With the availability of lockers, there is no requirement for permanent desks, office spaces, or extra rooms. Lockers can serve as both workspaces and be used for storage purposes.

Given such advantages, OzLoka® ‘s lockers are a popular choice in various industries across Australia.

Where are OzLoka® Lockers Used?

With years of experience in building high-quality, heavy-duty, modular plastic lockers in Australia, our lockers are perfect for all organisations. Our dent-resistant and tamper-proof lockers can also deter incidences of theft and are perfect for wet areas, coastal locations and the outdoors.

  • Sports lockers are broader and deeper, allowing players to easily accommodate sports kits, bags and other accessories.
  • The tool locker storage unit is designed to provide robust storage for many
    tools and equipment, making it ideal for warehouses.
  • Mobile phone lockers are designed to fit most modern mobile phones, including larger smartphones. An individual can also place wallets and other small personal items in it, so it is excellent for commercial use.
  • Students can quickly put their oversized textbooks, large backpacks, laptops, gym clothes and equipment, motorbike helmets, and other accessories in school lockers.
  • Kindergarten school lockers are perfect for storing children’s belongings, including spare clothing, pillows, favourite toys, food, shoes and much more.

In addition to the usages mentioned above, OzLoka® Australia’s range of lockers from A to F series, together with pigeonhole and vented wardrobe lockers are widely used in various other applications. You can check our range to find our modular plastic lockers range.

Quieter than metal or timber lockers, our lockers are incredibly easy to move and install. It is no wonder that they are widely used in sports clubs, gyms, workplaces, schools, and many other areas. Our lockers have additional features that make them stand out from the traditional old metal or steel lockers.

How Are OzLoka® Lockers Unique?

Our lightweight storage lockers are designed to last and come with a 15-year warranty. Available in different sizes and colours, our stackable lockers have nine door different door variations allowing you to choose size and shape that suits your storage requirements the best.

Some other features include:

  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to dents and
  • corrosion
  • Smooth corners and
  • edges
  • Easy to move and
  • install
  • Low maintenance
  • Tamper-proof
  • UV Stable
  • Weather resistant

These tamper-proof lockers are easy to clean and need only a hose and a cleaning solvent to remove graffiti and stickers. There is also a provision for additional shelves inside. Some of the other accessories included in our lockers are:

  • Rail Hook
  • Clothes Hook
  • Pad Lock & Master
  • Keys
  • Number Plaques
  • USB Charging Ports
  • Sloping Hood/Top

As a renowned HDPE plastic locker supplier, we have a team dedicated to providing you with a customised solution that suits your organisation’s unique needs. Some of our lockers are also available in units that can be stacked upon each other or customised to fit into small spaces. These easy-to-clean lockers can be easily installed and come in many different sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your requirements.

We suggest you consider enlisting the help of one of our experts to create a functional locker solution for your specific place. If you are looking for a quality range of lockers to store your books and documents, electronic gadgets, sports equipment, or other tools, contact OzLoka® today.

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