Superior Quality School Storage Lockers in Loganholme

The large volume of items students require for school include notebooks, textbooks, stationary, mobile phones, tablets and laptops, have made school lockers more crucial than ever. There is an increased need for privacy and security for these belongings. Having personal storage in school organisations and institutes can benefit both students and faculty. If you are looking for superior quality school lockers in Loganholme, contact OzLoka®, a renowned manufacturer of modular polyethylene lockers.

Durable, Long-lasting Plastic Storage Lockers for Schools

With years of experience and expertise in building high-density polyethylene plastic storage lockers, OzLoka®’s UV stable lockers are corrosion, salt, air and humidity resistant. A perfect alternative to traditional metal and wood lockers, our school lockers are:

  • Scratchproof
  • Dent-resistant
  • Tamperproof
  • Easy to clean graffiti from
  • More sustainable

Such features have allowed OzLoka® school lockers to ensure that even the most destructive or overly-enthusiastic students will not be able to damage the structure. Available in 25 different colours with no paints or laminates, our A Series – School lockers are wide and spacious enough to store large backpacks, PE clothes, and bike helmets. They are a great way to help alleviate health issues like back pain from carrying heavy bags.

Heavy-duty, Reliable, Customised School Storage Lockers

Our customisable lockers, made from 100% virgin plastic, come in various sizes, colours and locking systems.
Visit the OzLoka® Custom Locker Builder and contact our experts to build a locker that meets your specific requirements. These UV stable, modular plastic lockers arrive fully assembled. We also have F-Series Cell Phone Lockers for storing individual phones.

Robust and Recyclable Plastic School Locker for Security

As leading manufacturers and distributors of premium quality ergonomic plastic lockers, our lockers offer a safe place to store your staff and students’ belongings, giving them a feeling of security. These lightweight lockers require minimal upkeep.

Contact us today if you plan to replace your traditional wood and metal school locker with a recyclable plastic alternative.

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