Commercial spaces like offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, health clubs, gyms and spas need to provide a safe place to store belongings for clients and staff. This is why lockers are becoming a common sight at all such establishments. Lockers hold everything from staff uniforms and backpacks to personal devices such as mobile phones and laptops. 

OzLoka® is the leading provider of commercial lockers Australia-wide. We manufacture and distribute heavy-duty plastic lockers across schools, corporate offices, factories, healthcare facilities, gyms and food outlets. We have over two decades of manufacturing and distributing experience, making our lockers popular worldwide.

Our commercial lockers are made using High-Density Polyethylene. This specialised material is highly resistant to corrosion and is low-maintenance, making it suitable for every commercial space. The lockers give employees and customers a convenient method of storage with complete peace of mind.

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Sturdy and Corrosion-Free Storage Space for Customers and Employees

What makes our lockers better than traditional lockers?

OzLoka®’s rotationally-moulded HDPE commercial lockers offer far more value compared to several conventional options. The polyethylene material we use is long-lasting and durable, ensuring there are no short-term replacement and maintenance costs. Additionally, the plastic body ensures that there is no risk of corrosion splitting, cracking or deterioration.

Are these lockers easy to clean and sanitise?

Hygiene and cleanliness are of significant importance for every establishment. Traditional lockers are prone to moisture damage, they easily corrode when they are washed regularly. Plastic lockers are the ultimate solution for a clean and sanitised storage space. Our lockers are also graffiti and scratch-resistant. Additionally, simple cleaning can easily wipe off any pen marks. Therefore, these commercial lockers can help ensure a neat and organised space. 

Commercial Lockers Made for You

OzLoka®’s commercial lockers in Australia are customisable with 100’s of sizes and colours to choose from. You can make sure that the lockers that you choose match the interiors of your retail space and fulfill your unique requirements. Understanding the placement of the lockers is essential- this helps determine the perfect colour, accessories such as charging ports or hanging rails, door and hinge sizes.

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