Importance of Taking Fire Safety Measures in SchoolFire safety in schools aims to ideally prevent fires from happening, but if an accident occurs, ensure the damage to people or property is kept as minimal as possible. With so many young, vulnerable people all gathered together, fire safety protocols in school are crucial.

Fire safety measures should be integral to all aspects of planning and begin with the construction of the school building itself. Schools may be equipped with fire sprinkler systems, safety sensors, and other safety equipment. Clear, accessible passages and exits are another essential element of planning.

According to assessments and inspections conducted in schools, the spaces that are not used for teaching face the highest risk of accidental fires starting. These non-teaching areas include kitchens, offices, prep rooms, storage areas, and electrical switch rooms. A school’s most common causes of fire hazards include arson, overloaded electrical systems, fuel store areas with high oxygen concentration or insufficient protection, materials that release hazardous fumes when heated, incorrectly installed wiring, improper usage of electrical appliances, and unattended lit candles.

Take Precautionary Measures for Fire Safety in School

Some areas in school have a higher fire risk than others, and every school should take particular consideration and precautions. For instance: 

  1. Most schools have canteens, which typically involve handling big cooking containers and can result in mishaps that start fires. This area should be routinely monitored to ensure fire safety on the school premises.
  2. Chemistry labs often contain flammable fluids, which a fire can create a highly volatile and dangerous environment.
  3. Keeping all storage areas where flammable materials can accumulate should be kept clean and well-maintained. Waste material should be cleared away regularly.
  4. Obtain and maintain the best quality fire safety equipment in school.
  5. Maintain proper fire exit signage, ensuring that these signs will also function in case of a power failure.
  6. Place the fire extinguishers in an easily accessible area.
  7. Prohibit flammable materials in high-risk areas of the facility. Use fire safety cabinets to store hazardous materials that may quickly catch fire. 
  8. School authorities should create a fire safety culture within the management and throughout the school. Encourage fire-safe behaviours such as unplugging electrical appliances when not in use, using cords within their marked ratings, and replacing damaged or old electrical cords.
  9. Fire safety drills and procedures must be conducted in schools so that everyone knows how to respond in a calm, appropriate manner in an emergency.

In general, effective fire-prevention programs should have three key elements:

  • Rules about fire safety that limit the potential for fire
  • Fire safety and educational programs that inform everyone of the rules and procedures
  • Regular inspections to ensure the rules are being followed

Apart from these preventive measures, every floor of a building must have its own fire extinguisher, fire alarm, and other fire safety equipment necessary that can be used to contain a fire before it spreads. Schools must install detection systems such as heat detectors, smoke detectors, alarm systems and many others.

Considering the significance of fire safety precautions, finding the right company to provide you with a wide range of fire safety products is vital. FSP Australia can provide fire safety products for your school that can help save lives and property during an emergency.

Why Choose FSP to Purchase Fire Safety Products

Established in 1994 as a designer, manufacturer and distributor of a large variety of high-quality, recyclable, heavy-duty plastics, FSP Australia offers a wide range of fire safety solutions for schools in Australia and overseas. 

Made of HDPE polyethylene plastic, our industrial-grade fire safety equipment is designed for longevity and ease of use. We supply exclusive fire suppression products such as fire extinguishers, hose reels, brackets and covers, and signage boards that comply with all relevant regulations and Australian Standards. Passed through a rigorous testing process, our fire and safety products are sturdy and have a practical design that limits damage from wear and tear. 

Some of the crucial fire safety equipment FSP provides include:

  • Hose Reels

Designed to combat class A fires, our fire hose reels are the perfect first-attack piece of fire equipment for all commercial, residential, school and industrial buildings. Our fire hose reels come with premium quality and a high-strength frame, making them ideal for use in extreme environments. We understand that every application is different, so we custom-build our hose reels to fit the specifications required.

  • Fire Safety Cabinets

Our rotationally moulded fire extinguisher cabinets keep fire extinguishers organised and able to be readily accessed in an emergency. These cabinets are UV-stabilised and feature a functional design to aid the rapid access and removal of fire extinguishers. In addition to their rust and corrosion-resistant properties, our fire safety cabinets come with standard sight glass for gauge inspection and break glass for lockable cabinets. Whether you need a cabinet to hold a 4.5kg fire extinguisher or a 9kg fire extinguisher, we have you covered. We can also provide customised fire safety cabinets for preschools and can work on every detail to meet your specific requirements.

  • Hose Reel Cabinets

Designed to keep the hose reels in perfect condition for years, our hose reel cabinets are UV-resistant and ideal for indoor and outdoor operations. Resistant to heavy impact, water, salt, and other corrosive elements, these cabinets don’t have weld lines, making them highly durable. Our fire safety hose reels are prepared using advanced manufacturing techniques. We can also customise internal hardware to meet specific requirements.

If you are responsible for fire safety within a school, get in touch with the experts at FSP Australia for more information. Call us on 1300 847 901 or drop an email at

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