A personal space to store staff belongings in any office space is important. Some offices don’t allow personal devices in the work premises for safety or productivity reasons. Furthermore, employees also need a space to keep their bags and hang their coats. Office lockers are essential for these purposes.

More and more businesses are including lockers as a part of their renovation plans. The first thing to ensure is that these lockers match the workplace perfectly in every sense. Fortunately, many locker providers like us are now providing customised locker solutions for workplaces.

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How To Customise Storage Solutions?

The best way to begin customising your storage solution is to consider the available area in your office. Once this is understood and measured, you will be able to determine the dimensions within which you need to work. Our lockers are best designed in such a way where your workplace doesn’t look cluttered with the addition of lockers.

You can also customise your storage space to fit awkward areas. For example, lockers can be selected from our vast range to fit in the little space under steps or between windows.

OzLoka® offers an online Locker Builder to allow seamless customisation of your ideal locker range.

Type Of Storage Available?

There are a range of workplace storage options available with us, from specialised lockers for storing smaller staff belongings such as phones, wallets and laptops to wardrobe style lockers for storing clothes.

How To Choose a Suitable Colour for Lockers?

There are several ways to go about colour selection. The colour can either be chosen to suit the overall office decor or to contrast it. Companies can choose locker colours to be in sync with the brand logo and their official colours- this creates a stronger sense of brand identity.

OzLoka® offers 25 different colour options for you to choose from. Furthermore, the door and locker body options can even be customised separately.

Some aspects that need to be looked into when customising lockers for your workplace are discussed below:

  • Basic Requirements

The basics mainly include the number of lockers for your office, the size and space assigned, the material to be used and the colour scheme. Making a preliminary plan can help you execute the selection and customisation process with ease.

  • Staff Comfort

Another vital aspect to pay attention to while customising lockers is accessibility. You need to ensure that the placement is convenient for your staff to access at all times. This guarantees comfort and motivates employees to keep the office space organised. If the lockers are in a far off room or in a small cluttered space, your employees will view it as a burden instead of an amenity. Additionally, it may also affect their productivity.

  • Office Aesthetics

The basic thing to ascertain when investing in personalisation of your workplace lockers is that these match the office aesthetics and decor.

For example, the office space features more muted colours, thus your lockers need to be of a similar appearance. You need to ensure that the colours used in the overall office design are also used for your customised lockers to achieve seamless design.

  • Employee Requirements

Different workplaces may have varying policies and employees who have different requirements. In some cases, the staff may need a safe place to keep their devices. In such cases, small cube lockers with padlocks that have secure combinations, electronic or key-locks need to be provided.
In certain other offices, employees may need closet lockers to hang their coats, hats or scarves. Closet lockers are also a common requirement in workplaces that require the staff to wear a uniform. Here, installing ventilated lockers with vertical closet space can help keep those uniforms and personal clothes odour-free and fresh.

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