Colourful Lockers For Schools, Gyms & Businesses

Lockers are found in a wide range of organisations. From schools and gyms to offices and hospitals, lockers can be an integral part of the premises.

Colours can have a significant effect on how you feel and behave. Choosing the right colours for your lockers can make a room feel more welcoming. OzLoka® Lockers are available in 25 colours to help create the right environment for your locker rooms.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Colours

Humans can perceive only a fraction of the colour spectrum. Yet the colours we can see have a significant impact on our minds and our moods. You might have noticed that walking into a vibrantly coloured room lifts your spirits; while walking into a dull, dark-coloured room may have the opposite effect.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing bright colours for your lockers:

  • Brightens up the room
  • Radiates positivity
  • Enhances creativity
  • Create a sense of style and elegance

Weather Resistant High-Quality Polymer Lockers

Selecting the right colour is just the beginning of your locker customisation. When you purchase lockers, you are usually looking for a long-term solution. Traditional wooden and steel lockers are prone to damage in severe weather conditions, and the colours fade over time.

OzLoka® lockers are made from heavy-duty polyethylene. These lockers are designed to last and come with a 15-year warranty. The high-quality HDPE plastic used in manufacturing OzLoka® lockers makes them weather resistant and easy to clean, ensuring your lockers will stay colourful and vibrant for many years.

Here’s a list of features of why OzLoka® lockers stand out: –

  • Resistant to damage from knocks and bumps
  • Resistant to damage from cleaning solvents
  • Tamper-proof
  • UV resistant
  • Corrosion and Weather resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Optional padlocks available

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OzLoka® lockers are the perfect replacement for old-fashioned metal or wooden structures. With a 15-year warranty, these products are built to last. Available in a wide range of sizes and 25 colours, you are bound to find the right match for your locker needs.

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