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Custom Made Australian Plastic Lockers

We all remember the drab grey sharp metal lockers of our youth. Or the splintery peeling paint on our warped wood lockers. Its time for a plastic revolution. Colour is here, and it’s here to last as well.
Colour – an Architects secret weapon. Any architect will tell you that colour has a massive impact on a space and of how you feel in that space. Along with lighting, colour is critical to creating a positive feeling in an environment. For this reason, architects use paint to colour walls and stain concrete to bring their design drawings into reality.

Coloured Lockers Are Available Now

Nowadays, we have many options to colour furnishings, but lockers have always relied on expensive paints or wood treatment. OzLoka® has stepped in here. Architects turn to us for our many colour options as well as countless colour combinations for doors and locker bodies. Our lockers flexible heights, widths and door options help the architects. Enabling them to fit any creative design they envisioned.


Our lockers have less impact on the planet. Made of heavy-duty polyurethane, they last over 20 years. Recycled plastic also forms parts of our lockers. As a result, no painting, or chemicals for cleaning, in short, all contributing to OzLoka®’s ECO-friendly vision.

Cut Yearly Repairs Bills

How much of the summer is spent repairing your lockers?
With metal or wooden locker, summer holidays is maintenance time for schools. Not an OzLoka® school. So your staff can hose them out and move on — no painting, sanding, repairs or rust coating. So, your budget looks healthy, with less maintenance and overtime costs.

Weather-Resistant And UV Stable

The plastic OzLoka® lockers are weather-resistant and UV stable. Hence easy for an end of year clean up, simply wash them down and let them drain. Our lockers include a small drainage hole in the base for this purpose. They also can be located in the open areas, even by the salty seaside, because they have no rusting parts. Why UV stable? Some of our lockers have been out in the open air for more than 20 years, most importantly, they are not cracking like other plastic products on the market. Also, we have a 15-year warranty on our locker as well.

Are You Ready To Brighten Up Your School?

It’s time to make the switch and give locker bays and schoolyards that boast of colour. At the same time, by choosing OzLoka®, you will reduce maintenance costs come summertime. No wet weather worries with our UV protection and water resistance. Brighten up your environment by adding a little colour and keep the architect’s vision alive.