Space, security, and material are essential factors that one should consider when buying workplace lockers. Whether you are looking for bulk office lockers to cater to your staff’s requirements or you need only a few lockers to keep important office documents safe, here are the top seven tips to keep in mind while buying perfect workplace lockers.


Measure the dimensions of the space where you want to install lockers in the office. Consider the height, width, and depth while measuring. You can review the lockers currently available in the market and check whether they fit into your space.

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You should also take the condition of the room into account while choosing lockers. If it’s moist or damp, this may affect the longevity of the lockers. For this reason you should select the lockers made of the most suitable material. Workplaces, especially industrial and commercial establishments where employees wear uniforms, require lockers to keep their belongings safe. There are many different types of lockers available in the market, such as steel, wood, and plastic. Lightweight and stackable HDPE lockers are easy to move and install. Furthermore, these lockers, made from heavy-duty polyethylene, are preferred for offices, commercial places, and industrial workplaces. Buy lockers that are durable and come with an excellent warranty.


The lockers you purchase need to ensure the safety and security of the belongings stored inside. Choose lockers that meet your safety requirements. You should also choose the locks carefully. You have options such as key locks, digital locks, or standard padlocks. Ensure that your lockers have essential safety features to keep the stored items safe.

Features and Aesthetics:

Employees appreciate having a personal storage space at the workplace, but if the lockers have additional convenient features and design, they will appreciate them even more. Extra locker features can help make life easy and increase daily productivity. Consider what specific features would enhance your lockers. You can add hooks, storage compartments, shelves, and partitions if needed. Along with the functionality, you should also consider the aesthetics. You can choose designs and colours that match well with the surroundings. You may use colours for enhancing the interior decor, or as an extension of your branding.


If you have decided what type of lockers you want at your workplace, research their method of  installation. Some lockers are easy to install, but some require specialised skills and tools. You don’t have to learn how to do this yourself, or to buy special equipment, as most often this service will be provided by the manufacturer or supplier.


To buy lockers without exceeding your budget, you should find a reliable manufacturer. Buying lockers in bulk might help you get a more affordable deal.

Support and Maintenance:

The advantage of investing in high-quality lockers is that they are easy to clean and maintain. However, if you do choose lockers requiring frequent specialised maintenance, select a manufacturer who delivers excellent post-sale service.


Employees love companies or workplaces where they are provided with a secured locker area. Office lockers take away the clutter from your employee’s desks and increase productivity. At the same time, workers can conveniently store extra uniforms in their lockers for industrial and commercial places. We hope that the above tips help you find the perfect workplace lockers.

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