Choosing the ideal material for creating a perfect locker room is not an easy task. Among several factors that require your attention, choosing the right material is one. Selecting the wrong material can be costly due to poor quality, overall weakness, and other factors. Here are five materials for lockers in Australia that you should consider for creating a functional locker room in your facility.

5 types of locker materials

Metal Lockers:

Metal lockers or steel lockers have been popular in schools, universities, and workplaces across Australia for years. They can be easily painted and can be matched with the rest of the facility’s interior. Although metal lockers are strong and durable, they are not the best option. Metal lockers can prove costly over time as they dent and scratch easily. Most metal lockers also rust if they are installed near a water source.

Phenolic Lockers:

Compared to metal lockers, phenolic lockers are more durable and easy to clean. The only reason that facility owners across Australia avoid installing phenolic lockers is because phenolic plastic features a kraft paper core, which causes mould growth over time. Replacement is the only option left once the interior is compromised.

Wood Lockers:

Aesthetically pleasing wood lockers have been a popular storage option for years. However, they do not rank among the top materials for durability and functionality, and they can chip or become waterlogged. Considering their durability and functionality, you should avoid installing wood lockers.

Laminate Lockers:

Laminate is more robust than metal and wood. It does not rust and dent like metal or become waterlogged like wood. However, depending on their location, they can suffer from wear and tear over time. Maintenance and repair of laminate lockers is costly.

HDPE Plastic Lockers:

When it comes to the best materials for lockers, HDPE plastic lockers check all boxes. The advanced lockers are resistant to dents, scratches, heavy impact, and graffiti. These plastic lockers are also resistant to mould and corrosive elements. They require minimum maintenance and look new for a long time without any need for repainting.

For heavy-duty industrial-grade plastic lockers, HDPE plastic lockers are the best option. OzLoka® plastic lockers from FSP Australia are designed to meet the storage requirements of different facilities. For more details, kindly contact us today.