Do your old lockers look like they’ve seen better days? You’re not alone. Whether you have metal, wood, or laminate lockers, they can all succumb to wear and tear over time. But don’t worry—you don’t need to replace them yet. But you can transform your old lockers with creative DIY hacks, giving them a fresh, renewed appearance.

Lockers with dull finishes, rust, and other visible cosmetic flaws can be an eyesore in your facility, making it appear old and outdated. But imagine the transformation that a good refurbishment can bring. It can breathe new life into your space, making it look modern and well-maintained. This visual upgrade can inspire and motivate the maintenance staff and the entire facility.

Let’s understand some simple yet innovative ways to redesign your old lockers into the new one here.

Different Ways to Bring Life Back to Your Old Lockers

Most lockers aren’t cleaned nearly as often as they should be. While an excellent deep cleaning can be transformative, it is also necessary to revamp the old locker for the overall health of your facility.

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Here’s how to get your old lockers looking brand new again:

1. Deep Cleaning

If metal, wood, or laminate lockers aren’t regularly disinfected, they can be breeding grounds for viruses, mould, and contaminants. Start by thoroughly cleaning your lockers. Use locker-safe cleaning products or antibacterial wipes to get rid of any germs. After cleaning, wipe away excess water and keep all the locker doors open to allow them to air dry completely.

2. Address Stains and Discoloration

Stains can be caused by water, rust, or ink. Here’s how to tackle each:

3. Fix Dents and Scratches

Use a flat hammer or rubber mallet to pound out dents. Support the opposite side with a hard, flat material to prevent new damage. Apply a matching touch-up paint to cover scratches. Ensure you use the same shade and brand for a seamless look. Contact the manufacturer for paint chip samples if you can’t find the exact colour.

4. Replace Hardware

Locker hardware like handles, hinges, and nameplates are often the first to show wear and tear. Replace these parts to restore shine and improve functionality. For hardware that’s still in good condition, use a polish to revive its appearance. Be cautious, as some polishing agents can strip paint. Tape around the hardware to protect the finish.

5. Apply Wax

Sealing your locker’s finish with wax is the final step. Wax protects the surface from future damage and adds a beautiful sheen. Apply wax in circular motions until the lockers are entirely covered. Allow it to dry, then gently buff the surface with a soft cloth. The result? Vibrant lockers with a luminous new sheen.

While DIY hacks can offer a temporary fix, investing in high-quality lockers could save you time and money in the long run. OzLoka® offers a range of custom plastic lockers designed for durability and ease of maintenance.

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