When the concept of paperless schools was first proposed, many thought it would end the need for traditional hallway locker storage facilities. However, with schools becoming more technology-focused, the requirement for safe storage has increased more than ever.

Teachers and students all need to move around different parts of the campus for classes, workshops and other extracurricular activities. Carrying their laptops or heavy books everywhere when there’s no proper storage facility can be uncomfortable and tiring.


Why Do Modern Schools Require a Strong Storage Unit?

In the post-pandemic world, schools are reinventing themselves. From virtual classrooms to the use of electronic devices such as iPads and laptops, technology plays an important role in the modern-day education system.

However, such a paradigm shift poses an essential challenge for school administrators. Educational institutions need to find a way to secure these hi-tech and expensive electronic devices. Students and staff have long trusted robust storage lockers to store their valuables and enable them to move around freely to attend different classes or extracurricular activities.

Installing lockers is the first step towards making your campus crime-free. These lockers deter any attempts of theft or vandalism. Additionally, the chances of losing or misplacing any valuable items is reduced considerably, giving students and staff a sense of security and peace of mind.

Metal Lockers Vs Plastic Lockers – Which One is the Best For Your School?

Over the years, lockers have evolved to consistently changing demands. With the development of new technologies, traditional locker systems are gradually being replaced with new and improved storage solutions.

Metallic lockers are still in use and have their set of advantages. However, the demand for lightweight, durable, ergonomic and sleek plastic lockers has increased over recent years.

Benefits of Plastic Lockers Over Metal Lockers

Unlike metal lockers, plastic storage units are available in various designs, patterns and styles and provide utmost security. The contemporary design of plastic lockers has modernised the idea of a locker system. With colourful units and designs to match your school decor, these visually attractive units can enhance the school environment.

Due to their sturdy composition and versatile nature, HDPE plastic lockers have become a popular choice among schools. But there are even more advantages. These are some of the benefits of plastic lockers:

  • Plastic lockers are resistant to corrosion and rust and remain as good as new even when exposed to moist environments.
  • These lockers are durable and resistant to scratches or dents.
  • Made from polyethylene plastic, these lockers require minimal maintenance, so there’s no need to spend a fortune on their repair or replacement.
  • Additionally, these lockers are cost-effective, resulting in better ROI.
  • These rotationally moulded lockers are highly customisable and can be tailored to your specific requirements, such as colours, models or sizes.

How To Make School Hallways Positive And Inspiring?

There are three significant advantages to installing plastic lockers in your school:

1. Add Colour and Vitality To School Hallways

Humans are visual creatures, and a classroom’s aesthetic elements strongly impact student engagement and the overall learning experience. Learning is an experience fueled by great aesthetics, emotions and reflexivity. The renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow conducted an experiment during the late 1950s to determine how the physical environment determines the overall well-being of students and teachers.

As a part of this study, Maslow concluded that students and teachers who viewed the image of a beautiful room rated them higher on the scale than ugly or average ones, and went on to determine that the environment can affect perception and cognitive abilities.

The traditional metallic lockers are generally available in monochromatic shades and don’t add any aesthetic appeal to the surroundings. On the contrary, high-density polyethylene plastic lockers come in a heterogeneous colour pattern that allows you to choose the perfect colour or create your own colour combinations to match your school decor. These design details are an excellent way to boost the morale and productivity of the staff and students.

2. Low Rate Of Injuries With Plastic Soft Edges

Many people have fond memories of school locker rooms. A lot happens in the locker rooms, with conversations happening and friendships being forged. However, did you know a surprising number of injuries occur each year that involve metal lockers? The sharp edges can cause cuts, sometimes resulting in serious injuries. Additionally, metal lockers are susceptible to rusting and exposure to rust particles that can damage a student’s physical well-being.

Why Plastic Lockers Are Safe In School?

Plastic storage lockers, on the other hand, have soft and rounded edges, thus resulting in a low rate of injuries. Moreover, these lockers don’t corrode or rust, so the danger of exposure to tetanus is also considerably reduced.

3. Accessories to Improve Locker Experience For Special Needs Students

Using a locker independently can be a challenge for students with special needs, especially when they have to use a lock. Unlike the old-style metal lockers, most plastic lockers come with several lock styles and locker storage accessories that address the challenges faced by students with special needs. For example, a padlock system.

These lockers also come with a stackable organiser, which helps students who use wheelchairs to stack their study material and school supplies at a level where they are more easily accessible.