Nobel laureate Albert Einstein once famously said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what then, is an empty desk a sign?” Oddly enough, this quote might have inspired a generation to advocate the benefits of cluttered space, but recent research claims otherwise, especially in the education sector.

Can Happiness Be Found in A Mess?

Imagine walking into a classroom strewn with piles of paper lying in one corner and journals, files and books kept in a disordered manner in another. Between all this, there’s no storage space for the students or teachers to keep their belongings. It might look more like a battleground and less like a classroom.

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Needless to say, maintaining concentration and motivation in such a setting can be difficult. There are various studies that support this theory. Research over the years has shown that an overly cluttered and disorganised classroom can create a distraction. Students in a cluttered environment find it far more difficult to absorb information and stay engaged. Both students and teachers show a lack of interest, enthusiasm and focus in an unorganised and messy classroom. In fact, such spaces can create stress and anxiety, thus affecting student learning capabilities.

Clutter is more than just a messy space. When a classroom is overrun by papers, journals, stationery or toys (in pre-schools), it can pose a serious risk of accidental tripping or fire hazard. Items blocking access to emergency exits are also potential safety risks.

How To Improve Happiness Levels In Students?

Among different ways to improve happiness levels in students and staff, organising and keeping the premises tidy remains on the top.

The Surprising Benefits of an Organised Classroom

Decluttering your space has many benefits. A clutter-free and organised classroom not only improves the physical and mental well-being of students but also creates an environment more conducive to learning.

Let’s see why is it important to be organised as a student:

1. Boosts Concentration and Attention Span

Do you know a messy classroom is indirectly linked to poor concentration and subsequent bad grades? Studies have shown that a disorganised classroom can act as a distraction and eventually overwhelms a student’s visual field. This leads to a low attention span and reduced concentration. Let’s see why lockers are good for students.

Decluttering and organising a classroom boosts attention span and focus, making the students more productive. School lockers enable the students to keep their staff in a safe place and keep their surroundings clean and organised.

2. Creates a Positive Environment

Clutter takes a toll on your physical health and increases your stress level, even if you can’t recognise it at first. Having suitable storage solutions to keep office supplies, books, and other belongings makes it easy to declutter the classroom. Benefits of being organised include lowering your cortisol levels, and the body’s stress hormone and contributing to a conducive learning environment.

3. Heightens Productivity

A well-organised space supports efficiency. Being unable to access the things they need when they need them can significantly hamper a teacher’s productivity. Teachers surrounded by clutter may start to feel burnt out and overwhelmed at work. With a clean and organised workspace, they can limit distractions and focus on doing the work they need to.

Avoid Tripping Hazards in Schools With Lockers

Walking on a cluttered floor is like walking through a minefield. The chances of accidents and injuries are increased significantly in untidy school areas. A recent report showed that trip accidents account for 40% of all injuries reported to teaching staff.

Tripping hazards are among the top causes of general liability claims for many educational institutes and are the number one cause of school accidents.

One of the slip trip and fall hazard control measures is to keep floors tidy and ensure bags, books, toys and other equipment are kept safely in a proper storage unit.

How Can We Minimise Tripping Hazards?

Clean and orderly school hallways also minimise the possibility of accidents. Student lockers play a crucial role in keeping hallways, stairs, and exits clear of books and general school supplies.

How Can Education Lockers Benefit Students and Management?

Lockers in schools are an excellent tool that administrators can use to store school supplies and keep the premises tidy. The next-generation school lockers are safe, simple and convenient to use, earning an A+ with school administration, students and staff.

Here’s how installing student lockers can enhance the levels of happiness, sense of security and productivity at a school:

1. Students and Staff can Safely Storage Their Valuables.

Students and staff can store their valuables in spacious storage with confidence. The possibility of theft or loss is considerably reduced with a secure locker. Students and staff can also keep their regular belongings in lockers to avoid carrying them daily to school. A secure locker allows them to concentrate on their classes and become more productive.

With an increasing number of students and staff carrying mobile phones, tablets, or even laptops, durable school lockers have become more indispensable than before. Installing a smart locker system helps to keep a check on the incidences of theft and damage.

2. Reduces Back Related Issues

Back pain is common in children and adolescents. One of the causes of back pain in young people arises from carrying heavy school bags, which create pressure and strain, particularly on the lower back. Smart lockers for schools can help children reduce this burden. Keeping heavy books and other items safely stored until they are needed, considerably lessens the impact on children’s backs from carrying around heavy items all day.

3. Increased Sense of Responsibility

Storing belongings in their own personal space helps develop a sense of ownership and responsibility in students. Developing a sense of personal responsibility and respect is critical in a child’s development, and helps grow their independence.

4. Heightened Concentration and Better Grades

Knowing that their valuable items are stored safely gives a student peace of mind, helping them to remain focused in class. Keeping distracting personal devices out of classrooms is also a great benefit to a student’s ability to focus on their lessons. Teachers can also encourage students to store lunch boxes in lockers, further ensuring students’ attention in the class.

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