School locker are more than merely a place to store belongings. You may think about a school locker as simply a storage unit to keep books, bags, and a few other things safe. However locker rooms are vital to students in other unique ways. From helping students develop organisational skills to a place for socialising with others, locker rooms in Australian schools offer a range of different but essential learnings for the students.

Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions would be wise to invest in heavy-duty plastic lockers. Wood or metal lockers are no longer preferred materials due to the advantages that plastic lockers have over these traditional options. There are a few factors that you should take into account while buying lockers.

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The first thing to consider when buying school lockers is how they will be used. The lockers around swimming pools or other sports areas will be different from the lockers near classrooms – the design and requirement of additional accessories will be different. Knowing how the lockers would be used is just the first step in the process of buying the right lockers for schools.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying School Lockers Include:

Size of the Lockers

Consider whether you are looking for large lockers to hold musical instruments and sports equipment or if you need compact lockers that can store books, laptops and mobile phones safely. Once you are clear on what you want your lockers to hold, it is much easier to select the size of the lockers. Lockers are available in various sizes and dimensions.

Location of the Lockers

You can also consider the design of your school lockers based on their location. For humid and indoor locations, wood and metal lockers are not practical options. For indoor gyms and swimming pools, Australian schools are replacing traditional wood and metal lockers with HDPE plastic lockers. They remain in optimum working condition for years, and compared to wood and metal lockers, they are also safe with no sharp edges. Heavy-duty plastic lockers are also a better option to install outdoors as they are UV-resistant and maintain their original look and functionality for a longer period of time than wood or metal.

Style of the School Lockers

Educational facilities may benefit from having a vibrant locker room. It’s a place where students interact with each other during their busy schedules. Colourful and stylish personal storage units can contribute to a cheerful and positive environment. Plastic lockers are available in various colours, and can also be customised to meet the aesthetic needs of the school’s interior.


Industrial-grade plastic lockers are highly durable and last for years. In addition, plastic lockers are easy to clean and require minimal ongoing maintenance. One of the reasons that offices, educational institutes, and facilities have turned to plastic lockers for their storage needs is that they are a one-time investment.

Locking System

A simple and easy-to-use locking system is ideal for school lockers. Advanced plastic lockers are available with the options of padlocks, combination locks, and digital locks. More schools prefer keyless locking systems for lockers to avoid situations of missing or misplaced keys. Combination locks are becoming increasingly popular for staff in schools.

Accessories for School Lockers

Look for lockers designed to accommodate additional accessories, such as shelves, sloping tops, hooks for clothes, nameplates, kicker bases, and rail hooks. Schools can provide students with mobile phone charging facilities in the lockers, which also serves to keep phones safe while class is in session. Another option is to add name plates for staff lockers. With a wide range of additional accessories available for school lockers, you can create a convenient and functional locker room to suit your specific requirements.


When looking for school lockers, you should consider the locker design, dimensions, size, colour, durability, accessories and locking system. Investing in custom lockers that meet your specific requirements within your budget is essential. For high-quality and cost-effective plastic lockers, you can opt for OzLoka® school lockers.