High-density, Modular School Storage Lockers in Townsville

As schools develop infrastructure to benefit students and staff, school storage lockers are an essential element to consider. The need for school lockers is increasing as students must not bring various equipment to and from school, including books, uniforms, sporting equipment, personal devices and more. If you are looking for a prominent school locker provider in Townsville, turn to OzLoka®, a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium polyethylene plastic lockers.

Reliable, Long-lasting Plastic School Lockers to Secure Your Belongings

Ideal for installation in high schools and educational facilities, OzLoka®’s lightweight lockers are resistant to damage from corrosion, salt, air and humidity. Our lockers are easy to clean, have a high-grade stainless steel hinge and are made with smooth corners. In addition to these benefits, our lockers are:

  • Backed by a 15-year warranty
  • Available in 25 different colours
  • Able to be cleaned of graffiti easily
  • UV stabilised
  • Scratchproof
  • Dent-resistant

With vast storage space for backpacks, clothing, and motorbike helmets, our A Series School lockers reduce the risk of damage or theft to student belongings, giving students peace of mind throughout the school day.

Furthermore, our F-Series cell phone lockers have a provision for securely locking away students’ mobile phones for the day, ensuring a safe and controlled environment while promoting focus and productivity in a school setting.

Secure and Sustainable OzLoka® Lockers for Educational Spaces

Advantageous over traditional timber and metal materials, OzLoka®’s lockers are tamper-resistant and exceptionally sustainable.

  • Crafted with smooth, rounded corners that eliminate sharp edges, these lockers prioritise safety and durability. They are specifically tailored to meet the demands of school students for their daily storage needs.

  • These lockers are designed to be lightweight and stackable, making them effortless to move and install according to the decor of your school premises. Their practicality and versatility ensure they seamlessly blend in with the aesthetic of your educational environment.

With numerous advantages, our school lockers in Townsville are designed to mitigate the likelihood of chronic back and neck pains that may arise from the manual handling of heavy loads, ensuring a safer and more comfortable experience for students and staff alike.

Customised School Storage Lockers in Townsville

Able to withstand damage from heavy knocks or impact, OzLoka® lockers are designed with durability in mind. They can be easily customised to fit smaller spaces while maintaining their robust build.

  • These lockers are available in 9-door configurations, catering to different needs. With sizes ranging from 250mm to 1930mm in height, you can choose the perfect fit for your space.

  • The locking systems offered include Standard, digital combination, and electronic CAM locks, ensuring security and convenience. Our ergonomic lockers come fully assembled and ready to be used immediately.

For a tailored solution, visit the OzLoka® Custom Locker Builder to create a modular locker that meets your requirements.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade from traditional wooden or steel lockers, OzLoka® offers a comprehensive range of locker options to suit your needs.

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