Lockers play a vital role in maintaining optimum functionality at workplaces. Having a well-designed locker room in an office helps create a clutter-free work environment. Additionally, providing personal lockers to employees makes them feel welcomed and valued, and boosts their productivity. Lockers provide easy access to required materials, while keeping confidential documents and belongings safe. Here is a guide to help you find the best office lockers in Australia.

Office Lockers in multiple colours

Figure Out Your Specific Storage Requirements:

Consider how many employees will use the lockers once they are installed. If you are a small company, providing a separate small locker for each employee is viable. Investing in spacious lockers is viable for large com panies as space is not a major concern.

Storage Purpose:

What is the general storage purpose for lockers? If you need lockers to store essential documents, you should select lockers with sufficient shelves and a quality locking system. If you want lockers for storing uniforms and personal belongings like mobile phones, choose lockers with rail hooks and USB charging ports.

Available Space:

For offices with limited space, wall-mounted lockers are recommended. If space is not a major concern, you can select large lockers when sufficient space is available for a convenient storage solution. You might also consider enlisting the help of an expert to create a functional locker room for your specific workplace.

Material of the Lockers:

To create an aesthetically pleasing locker room, wood lockers are a good option. For durability, steel lockers are often recommended. However, with plastic lockers you can have the perfect combination of both style and durability.

Your Budget:

HDPE plastic lockers are ideal for offices and workplaces as they are cost-effective and require minimum maintenance. They don’t need frequent replacement compared to wood and steel lockers.


When choosing office lockers, you should consider your specific requirements, the storage purpose, available space, material of the lockers, and budget. The OzLoka® office lockers are stylish, durable, and reliable, and they maintain optimum functionality for a long time. If you are looking for industrial-grade, heavy-duty plastic lockers, then contact OzLoka® today.