In secondary and high schools, getting a locker can be thrilling. Whatever you desire can be placed within, and you can decorate it however you like!

However, it is essential to maintain a neat and organised school locker so you can easily find everything you need to do well in your classes. But it is fun to decorate your locker in an organised and cute way.

School Locker Idea

Let’s see some of the fantastic locker ideas for schools

 1. Motivational Locker Magnets

The decorative magnets give the impression that your creative energies are flowing in your locker. Even though they are merely adorable fridge magnets, they send good vibes whenever you open your locker door.

 2. Pen Organiser with Drawer

Whether you want to place highlighters or various colours of pens, this attractive pen organiser with a small drawer can be an excellent addition to your DIY locker decorating ideas.

 3. Shelf Hanging Locker Organizer

These shelf-hanging organisers are fun locker addition that offers a tonne of storage and prevents damage to lockers. You can maintain your locker’s cleanliness and maximise your school locker organisation using various pockets of the organiser.

 4. Magnetic Whiteboard

A magnetic whiteboard that you can stick on the door would be a helpful tool to help you get going quickly. Whether bringing down your essentials for the next class or writing important notes, you can note your reminders on this whiteboard.

 5. String Lights or LED Fairy Lights

These battery-operated lights are perfect for giving that warm and inviting feeling, making it fun to open the locker door now and then. Make your private space your own by lighting it up with these extremely inexpensive fairy lights.

 6. Plastic Hooks

These super cheap plastic hooks can not only serve the purpose of hanging your gym bag or coat, but you can also hang attractive mini plants or something else of your liking.

 7. Custom Locker Magnets

Motivational quotes are excellent, but magnets with your name engraved on them give you a personalised feeling. But before placing such name-labelled magnets, it is necessary to check school locker decorating rules.

 8. Hanging Storage

This cloth-made hanging storage is another school locker essential. You can store your phone, brushes, iPad, extra pencils, or whatever you need nicely, making your locker look more glamorous and organised. However, this item only takes up a little of that coveted locker space.

 9. Magnetic Clips

Since you are searching for practical yet attractive locker items, these super cute magnetic clips are essential to add to your locker idea. They act stylishly to hold art, homework, and more, helping keep your locker from being cluttered.

10. Small Calendar

A small calendar to tape to the inside of the door can work magnificently. You use it to mark important due dates and other events.

11. Picture Frames

One ideal way to customise your space is by enclosing your locker with your charming pictures. Placing attractive photos of your family or loved ones in the lockers represents your personality and interests, so people can see what you like when you open it. These magnetic picture frames also ensure that you can prevent your photos from damaging.

12. Adorable Metal Book Ends

These metal bookends work best to keep your book storage from falling apart. You can easily accommodate your books, binders, notebooks or more and hold them back from tumbling from one side or the other.

13. Magnetic Key Holder

Chances are there to lose your keys if kept in your backpack or pocket. Keys could fall out or drop to the bottom of the pocket or get stuck in a book that is hard to find. This key holder is an effective way to hang the keys within the locker so that you don’t lose your keys.

14. Pencil Case

Meant to store extra pens, scissors, markers, stencils or other essential stationery items, these huge pencil case holders can prove to be a superior product when you run short of your daily tools.

15. Air Fresheners

The air fresheners with an appealing fragrance in the lockers provide a soothing feeling and bring a smile to your face when you open them.

16. Locker Emergency Kit

Emergency kits in small pouches are the perfect way to store personal belongings like make-up, lipsticks, body sprays and other emergency supplies you might need.

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