Creative and Long Lasting Design

Oz Lokas have been designed by our in house engineers and designed in away that they are durable and long lasting. Made from Polyethylene (plastic) which makes them rust proof, light weight, weather resistant and are available in a range of colors and and styles. Try out our custom locker builder to see what we mean.


Oz Loka® system comes with a 15 year warranty

Oz Loka® are guaranteed for quality and against manufacturing faults for 15 years. We will accept returns of any lockers that do not meet our high quality standards.
They have been engineered to withstand one of the most destructive forces on the planet….kids! If any one of our Oz Loka® units fails to stand up to normal wear and tear – we will replace it.
To avoid voiding your 15 year warranty, please ensure that your maintenance and cleaning staff follow our recommended care instructions for your lockers.

About FSP Oz Loka®

Here at FSP Oz Loka® we have taken the time and invested in our product range to bring you a superior quality, longer lasting and environmentally friendlier product that you can trust and rely on. We take pride in what we do.

Although we have the strongest and most reliable modular locker system on the market today the real value is what went into the creation in the developmental stages. The Oz Loka lockers are a product of a team of 3 engineers, 21 production staff, 4 product designers. It’s the culmination of 100 years of manufacturing and production experience all completed in the last decade since the first locker hit the market in 1996. Its 29 independent user studies with improvements being made after every one. Its 11 product and utility patents worldwide. It’s over $5 million of pure innovation.

FSP Oz Loka® are low-maintenance, light-weight, UV stabilised, heavy duty, water-resistant, stackable, ultra-durable, corrosion-resistant, custom colour modular lockers with quiet doors!

Schools, Corporations, Mining Companies and sporting facilities all love the FSP Oz Loka® system because they are so low maintenance and easy to clean. Architects love the FSP Oz Loka® system because of their style, durability and fantastic range of colours which can be mixed and matched. FSP Oz Loka® are weather resistant and have proven to stay looking good in exposed areas.

No more painting, rusting, dented doors; no more slamming/clanging hallways. Currently there are over 1,000,000 FSP Oz Loka® being used across the globe. FSP Oz Loka® are a patented design, engineered to withstand everything that kids can throw at them... They are also incredibly easy to clean. Graffiti can be easily wiped away with most cleaners, and outdoor lockers can be hosed out! The FSP Oz Loka modular system is currently in Gyms, Schools, Mining and Hotels across the globe and we"ve never needed to replace a door!

FSP Oz Loka®are guaranteed for 15 years to meet the highest standards for quality and durability. We will replace any locker that doesn’t meet our high manufacturing standard. See our Warranty Information for full details.